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"Focus Beings are called Oracles.  People who can perceive other dimensions, times, galaxies and Universe and translate an infinite unity connection of an entire species into a single spoken language in fraud times.

Similar to what I do, oracles of the ancient past were generally connected to other planetary minds." Andrew Bartzis



​A session with an Oracle is a unique experience beyond this

earthly realm. 

Oracles are highly sufficient in:

  • Telepathic communication
  • Clairaudience:  Clear Hearing 
  • Clairsentience:  Clear Feeling
  • Clairvoyance:  Clear Seeing
  • Remote viewing:  Past present and future
  • Past lives:  Reader of Akashic Records 
  • Seeing into bodies (Medical Intuitive) 
  • Sees aura fields and heals them
  • Spirit guides communication
  • Seer of future events
  • ​Communication with all animals/plants
  • Multidimensional navigator of 1-13 dimensions
  • Archangelic & Ascended Masters, Elementals, 
  • Channeling Multi-Dimensional Light Beings, Soul Family Members
  • High Healing capabilities and frequencies
  • Carries the "White Flame" Twin Flame Ascension Energies
  • Ultra Sensitivity and empathic abilities
  • Ability to read a person on conscious, subconscious and super conscious levels for healing and life direction.
  • Divinator:  Speaks and channels Divine Source Beings in awakened Trance Channeled State
  • Oracles blend with you and become one with you for a few moments. When this happens, you are awakened to the love and unity from where you came. This ignites your heart and breaks through walls of protection to a greater sense of Divine Love, Peace and of being understood.  It can be very profound.

Holly, thank you for another wonderful channeling session! Bringing in the high vibrational energy is helping me grow spiritually and understand my purpose with more clarity. That is greatly appreciated!!!   Gale H.

Psychic Oracle - Holly Powers Matthews
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Oracle, Trance Channel PSYCHIC

Straight from the oracle, Masters, Angels & Guides

Testimonial: This was truly the most amazing and accurate reading I have ever experienced.  There was no doubt whatsoever that the information contained was divinely inspired.  The information Holly delivered was known only to myself, or so I thought.  I guess spirit knows all and Holly is a very unique channel for delivering answers to life's most challenging questions. 

~PK of Glendale

In her Oracle readings, Holly trance channels psychic messages in her communication with Ascended Masters, Arch Angels and Spirit Guides.  Her conscious trance channeled messages contain ascension upgrades and high energy healing for you. These sessions bring forth divine communication and wisdom that can guide you through your next steps, bringing peace, joy and a clear understanding of your life purpose here.   

Oracles are very wise souls, so the life guidance and answer to your questions is of the highest nature.    

     98% Clairvoyance 

     94% Precognition 

     93% Retrocognition

     98% Telepathic Communication

     97% Remote Viewing

  •  Licensed Practice in AZ  (8.5 years)
  •  President/Organizer of Intuitive Living for Spiritual Enlightenment (1350 Members)
  •  Listed in “The Best Psychic Directory” 
  •  Lectured at Phoenix Art Institute & South West Institute of Holistic Arts
  •  Voice America Radio Show Host:  “Unleashing Your Psychic  Abilities”
  •  Voice America Radio Show Co-Host:  "The Place for Unleashing Your Psychic Abilities"
  •  Voice of America Radio Show Co-Host:  "The Quantum Crew"
  •  Reiki treatments provided for currently 73 countries and 42 states
  •  Co-Organizer of "Celebration of Spiritual Awakenings" Meetup Group (682 Members)
  •  Co-Organizer of "Scottsdale Spiritual Development" Meetup group  (3336 Members)
  •  Co-Organizer of "The East Valley Reiki Meetup Group"  (125 Members)
  •  Ordained Minister, Spiritual Counselor, Preceptor
  •  Dr. of Metaphysics
  •  Certified Munay-ki Shaman & Facilitator, Soul Retrieval
  •  Master in Reiki/Seichem, Kundalini, Tibetan, Prismology, Full Spectrum, KunGold, Atlantean Crystal,  Lemurian  Crystal, 12 Strand DNA Activation, 24 Strand DNA Activation, Deep Red Reiki, Sacred Crystal Ray,  LaHoChi 13th Octave Healing, Pearlescent Seichem, Alchemy Reiki, Telos/Shasta Reiki, (+90 other healing  modalities)  Mar'Kai Systems Lord
  • Nominated 4 times for the prestigious "Who's Who in America"
  • Featured Article in the Phoenix Magazines top 100 professional people yearly publication
  • Received Best of 2013 and 2015 in Gilbert Awards Business Program
  • Member of the National Association of Professional Women
Professional Credentials 

One word WOW!!! Holly pegged my life work balance to a tee, during the past life regression she seamlessly tied two past lives to my work ethics and educated me on how to get on track and quiet my mind. She is very gifted and if your looking for someone to tie everything together for you, she is the one, Thank you and I will be back for the advanced reading.  Mark M.

What makes a reading

With an Psychic oracle so Unique? 

Thanks Holly,  I had lots of great moments when the star beings were working on me, and my senses are opening more to receive in the deeper level as well. Awesome!

Thanks for sharing your past with me as I was a special Ed teacher in my previous life and I understand the hardships you had been through before and then how beautifully you are holding the energy together with the tremendous loving vibration for the human race.

Many thanks once again. We will get connected some other time. ~Shiang Chen-Williams