"Heaven's Answers"

...Straight from the Masters and  Angelic Realms

What to expect in a reading:  

  • Clear understanding of who you are and why you are here
  • Where you came from, star family connection and life purpose
  • Peaceful healing energy will run through your body
  • Chakras will be balanced
  • Zero Point Tachyon energy will clear your body and aura field,
  • Frequencies from 4-12th Dimensions will inspire and channel to you
  • Angelic and spirit guides offer advice and support
  • Past/present/future insights brought forth
  • Fractal cycling recognized and higher understanding shared offering a new perception of your work, relationships, health, emotions
  • Relationships nourished or completed, contracts explained
  • Akashic records brought forth for past, future and concurrent lives
  • Important direction for the future with careful examination of life potential paths and how to navigate them for the best future.
  • Insights into family, friends, co workers lives
  •  Licensed Practice in AZ  (7 years)
  •  President/Organizer of East Valley Psychic’s (1062+ Members)
  •  Listed in “The Best Psychic Directory” and “Medium Channel”
  •  Lectured at Phoenix Art Institute & South West Institute of Holistic Arts
  •  Voice America Radio Show Host:  “Unleashing Your Psychic  Abilities”
  •  Voice America Radio Show Co-Host:  "The Place for Unleashing Your Psychic Abilities"
  •  Voice of America Radio Show Co-Host:  "The Quantum Crew"
  •  Reiki treatments provided for currently 73 countries and 42 states
  •  Member of “Best Psychic Network” directory
  •  Co-Organizer of "Celebration of Spiritual Awakenings" Meetup Group
  •  Co-Organizer of "Scottsdale Spiritual Development" Meetup group
  •  Co-Organizer of "The East Valley Reiki Meetup Group"
  •  Ordained Minister, Spiritual Counselor, Preceptor
  •  Dr. of Metaphysics
  •  Certified Munay-ki Shaman & Facilitator, Soul Retrieval
  •  Master in Reiki/Seichem, Kundalini, Tibetan, Prismology, Full Spectrum, KunGold, Atlantean Crystal, Lemurian  Crystal, 12 Strand DNA Activation, 24 Strand DNA Activation, Deep Red Reiki, Sacred Crystal Ray, LaHoChi 13th Octave Healing, Pearlescent Seichem, Alchemy Reiki, Telos/Shasta Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy Level III (+60 other healing modalities) 
  • Nominated 4 times for the prestigious "Who's Who in America"
  • Featured Article in the Phoenix Magazines top 100 professional people yearly publication
  • Received Best of 2013 in Gilbert Awards Business Program

My greatest joy comes when helping others remember who they are, become their true authentic self, understand how to reach that higher order of unconditional love, and to prepare them how to step into the mode of being creators of their experience.

Testimonial: This was truly the most amazing and accurate reading I have ever experienced.  There was no doubt whatsoever that the information contained was divinely inspired.  The information Holly delivered was known only to myself, or so I thought.  I guess spirit knows all and Holly is a very unique channel for delivering answers to life's most challenging questions. 

~PK of Glendale

I respect all religious and spiritual beliefs, and hope you will trust that if you have been lead here and feel comfortable, then we are meant to connect.

*  Ascended Masters of Light
*  Dimensional Beings 4-12D
*  Spirit Guides and Arch Angels
*  Star Nation Representatives
*  Access light loads for acceleration

I am a multi-dimensional channeler who navigates 2-12 Dimensions, channeling the following:  

Professional Credentials


I work as a Divine Multi-dimensional Oracle, a member of the Eloheimic Council, a ground crew member within the Council of Love, an 11th Dimensional Judiciary through the Galactic Council of Light, A Magdalene Emmisiary and devotee, a Vast Frequency Specialist, an Akashic Record Decoder as well as a Psychic/Channel/Healer and Medium. My specialty is in multi-dimensional awareness and telepathy, and I love to teach and share. As a medical intuitive, there is much clarity brought forth in information for healing the mind, body and soul. Being an avid connoisseur of energy training, I have trained in over 60 healing modalities. I am so deeply honored and humbled in the communication with loving light beings, Beloved Archangels and Ascended Masters, whose beautiful perspective shines light on the meaning of life, as well as the keys to understanding how to navigate this dense reality.

Best Psychic Directory

   Holly’s been Ph.D Certified Tested
       with the following abilities:


     98% Clairvoyance (Clear seeing)

     94% Precognition (Seeing future events)

     93% Retrocognition (Seeing (past events)

     98% Telepathic Communication

     97% Remote Viewing (Connecting to places &

             people from distance, past present, future)

My desire is to help in your ascension process. I work with anyone from non-believers, beginners, intermediates, advanced and Star Nation Visitors. 

Blessing you with love, light, joy and peace 

~Holly Powers Matthews~