You may feel some dizziness from time to time during the process, and LOTS of energy.  Your entire body may be feeling like it is in a buzz when we get to the higher chakras.  You may want to sleep afterwards to allow the cleansing and healing to be deeper.  You may feel so invigorated, you may want to run a marathon.  Each person has a different experience.  Also, emotions may creep up during the next few days, to be released.  These are long term cellular emotions that have been held captive in the body. After a clearing, the need to be released comes very strongly, if they weren't completely released in the clearing session.  These, just let pass through you, validating they were there and letting go.  Wonderful process, and highly effective.

Also, the physical body begins to accept healing more easily.  Past memories that have held you captive are gone, and the body can relax and come to ease.  

$199 for 60 Min. SKYPE SESSION

$225 for 60 Min. IN OFFICE SESSION




What to expect...





What are Chakras?

Chakras are energy centers within the human body that help to regulate all its functioning, from organ functioning to to the immune system and even emotions. There are 7 chakras being addressed in this clearing.  These are positioned throughout your body, from the base of the spine to the crown of your head. Each one of these chakras has its own vibrational frequency, depicted through a specific chakra color, and when all of the chakras are balanced, the physical body begins the process of healing on many deep levels.  

What does this service do?

This service is INTENSE!  We will explore each chakra, releasing the past energies and memories that may be stored within, blocking your progress forward.  These may be memories from this lifetime, or the many lifetimes prior to this one.  Once cleansed, they will be charged with life force energy.  For those experiencing the symptoms of ascension, this process is highly helpful in rebalancing and restoring your energy field and emotional makeup.

How does it work?

The process of water is utilyzed in this session.  We will use the power of highly charged water to clear and recharge the system of each chakra.  If you are doing this through the phone or by SKYPE, you will need to have a pitcher of water ready, the downloaded pictures (I will send you) of the chakras in front of you with a clear glass with no writing on it. Also, it is preferable to have a white candle and some soft music playing in the background.  We will one by one go through each chakra with this process.  If you are in office, all of these things are supplied for you.