​"I am a man of science and logic!" Get ready to be blown away! Holly you have changed my life! I cant believe this actually happened! We will meet again! ~Jonathon K.

$225 - 60 min. Advanced Reading  SKYPE

$249 - 60 min. Advanced Reading IN OFFICE  Inside a Certified Tachyon Chamber

$329 - 90 min. Advanced Reading SKYPE

​$349 - 90 min. Advanced Reading IN OFFICE​  Inside a Certified Tachyon Chamber

12th Dimension

If you've been on your psychic journey for awhile, and have developed some basic understanding of your psychic abilities, this is a great reading for you.

In an Advanced Psychic Oracle Reading you will: 

  • Find out what star nation(s) you hail from, or angelic connections, or what your soul family "make up" is
  • You will be 'scanned' for a full evaluation of what your present abilities are and what you will be needing to advance. 
  • You will be upgraded with DNA codes
  • You may receive downloads for light codes and keys
  • You may receive upgraded chakra systems
  • You will receive channeled messages for you specifically
  • You will receive healing on many levels

This is a beautiful reading with channeling, Spirit Guides, energetic imbuing and transfers. Many choose this reading because they feel 'stuck' in their current spiritual progress and need more insight as to how to accelerate their abilities and recharge their aura fields and chakra systems. 

Psychic education, spiritual counseling, and the latest in energetic light rays and codes make this reading such a powerful experience of advancement.

Advanced Psychic Oracle Reading

Star Nation Connections, Soul Family Connection, Multi-dimensional selves