Halo Options

The Ascended Masters add so much to our earth experience here with opening doors of understanding about the higher laws, teaching us how to live and love, bringing in ascension energies and coding changes, along with their beautiful frequencies of light and healing.  Having a tool is like being a phone call away, but being able to feel and receive their powerful vibrations.  

Powerful Generator Crystal in

center of Halo

Amplifies all Crystal Frequencies

Ascended Masters Halo 3

Lord Sananda, Lady Nada

St. Germain & Lady Portia

Ascended Masters Halo 2

Ascended Master Series Halos 1-5

Lord Adama, Lady Adama

Lord Serapis Bey,

Lord Sanat Kumara

How the Halo's Work:

Crystals have the unique ability to hold information within them.  As a living consciousness, once information is imbued into a crystal, the crystal can hold and maintain this information indefinitely.  Our computer systems consist of silicone (crystal) chips that can hold thousands of files in a tiny speck.  

These halo crystals are imbued with each Ascended Master frequency specific to them.

The center crystal is an amplifier crystal, used specifically to increase the frequency of the archangel crystal being stroked.  So it is important to touch, stroke or hold onto the center crystal as well as the Ascended Master crystal.  

Furthermore, the base of the Halo is a Tachyon Field Generator.  Tachyon is the perfect crystal amplifier and intention amplifier.  You'll come to feel the tachyon the more you work with it.  

Ascended masters halo

Ascended Masters Halo 5

Ascended Masters Halo 4

Lord Kuthumi, Mother Theresa

Mother Mary, Paul the Venetian

These tools have been years in the making, and have been refined and allowed to be brought forth at this time.  Created specifically to help accelerate those on their spiritual path, I could not individually provide the frequencies for each of my clients and students, so with this method, the same frequencies that are emitted through large public meditations are now able to be emitted in the privacy of your own home, on your own schedule.  

How it works:

These amazing Halos hold and emit specific frequencies for varied spiritual exploration.  The 4, 7 and 8 crystal generators are combined with an amplification crystal designed to hold 400 times the amplification power to BOOST your experience of higher communication.  All of this is done within a field of Hefty Tachyon Field, which amplifies the crystals once again.  

Each connecting crystal emits the frequencies and vibrations of your chosen Halo focus field.  When you hold the Halo in your hand, one finger begins to rub the CRYSTAL in the chosen focus field.  The other hand places a finger or thumb on the center AMPLIFICATION CRYSTAL (Pyramid or sphere) and begins to 
gentle stroke it.  

Crystals have a peizoelectric quality to them that pulse (like a heartbeat) the frequencies or information placed in them, once they are gentle stroked, they begin the emanation process, creating a field around them.  This opens a portal as your body Begins to vibrate at that frequency, and allows you communication with your desired focus.  

All you need to do is find a quiet, peaceful place to calm your mind and be open to receiving these portal openings.  Call in your team of light to surround and protect you, bath yourself in the White Light from Source, and begin to rub the focus crystal and the center amplification crystal.  It's so simple...just sit back and allow these lovely energies and communication to pour forth.  

For those starting their awakening process, it make take multiple experience of exposure to assist your body in raising its frequency and light quotient to feel, see or hear the communication.  Each meditation or experience with the crystal halos will add to your vibration and accelerate your ability to hold light and higher frequencies which initiate communication.

Your intentions will greatly assist you in this the desires from your heart move into harmony with the Halos magnification.

Ascended Masters Halo 1

Lord Hilarion, Lord Maitreya

Lady Quan Yin, Lord Buddha

Master Lantro, Lord Padre Pio

Master Lao Tzu, Lord Melkizedek