Enjoy all the benefits of full Reiki, without having to learn all the detailed symbols and information associated with it! 

Just turn it on, and feel the reiki coming through.  It's that easy.  With each attunement your levels of energy are increased to hold the maximum amount your body can handle, and then keeps you growing as you continue to use the energy.

The program consists of a simplified format:

  • You will learn healing for yourself and others
  • You will learn how to do distance healings for yourself and situations both past and future.
  • You will learn how to clear a room, house or space
  • You will learn how to heal karmic bands in any relationship you have, be it family, friends, work, past, present or future, or relationships between others
  • You will learn how to heal certain situations, or circumstances, character traits, personality issues

The applications are endless. 

This amazingly simplified program allows you to immediately begin once you are attuned, and go up in levels as you desire.  The manual is only 10 pages, but it is plenty clear and easy to understand.  

The program works so well, because energies are increasing in their nature, allowing for intentions of all the fields of belief in healing systems that have gone before, to connect to and run the current new systems, completely by the intentions.  Reiki is intelligent.  If you turn it on, it knows what to do.  You are just the conduit for it.  It is safe, simple, very loving and can never be of harm to anyone.

You will receive Reiki I, II and Master Level in the chi ball method.  This means the reiki attunement is sent to you in a chi ball, or energy ball that sits in your aura field until you are ready to open it.  All in formation is given to you on how to open the chi ball and receive the attunement in the email.    

For instance, to become attuned, you would purchase the email course.  Allow 48 hours for the attunements to be completed on my side, and a reiki manual, complete instructions and certificate are sent to you.  Once your receive the email stating you are attuned, you would then find a quiet time where you won't be disturbed, put on some nice music, perhaps light a candle, call in your angels and guides to protect and assist you, and then you would call in the attunement by the words given you in the email.   

Remember to allow 48 hours for attunement to be completed and certification and manual to be sent.

Easy New Usui Reiki

Level I, II and Master 

Easy NEW Usui Reiki Attunements & Email Course   (Please allow 48 hours for attunement.) $125

Simplified Reiki at it's best!

Just as powerful, just as enjoyable without all the hassle. 

Being a reiki master for the last 11 years, and working with this lovely energy in the old system, you can imagine my surprise that a new, easier system was available for use.