greet’ to all 12 Elohim of Emanation. Thereafter you can easily call upon the Elohim individually, or in the trios that they like to work within.

If you are sensitive to subtle energies, you may be able to feel the presence of each Elohim as you call upon their energies.

This is such a lovely attunement to experience and the gift of having the Elohim always at hand is beyond explanation.

Upon Receipt, please allow 48 hours for attunement and activation to take place. Information will be sent to you to let you know when the attunement has been completed, along with all necessary materials. Immediate download not available. 

Elohim of Emination

Email Course & Attunement  $35

Elohim Of Emination Attunement



The Elohim of Emanation are sentient

forces that emanate out from the source

of creation. They are:

  • Grace
  • Purity
  • Rapture
  • Hope
  • Faith
  • Love
  • Mercy
  • Peace
  • Harmony
  • Liberty
  • Alpha-Omega 
  • Victory Elohim

Each one has specific ways they want

to help you and your loved ones.

You receive one energy empowerment

from your teacher that is a ‘meet and