Enjoy 60 minutes of being in a heaven state of overall peace and tranquility.  These powerful, relaxing, incredible high energies using multiple Reiki Healing Systems & 13th Octave Lahochi High Frequency, and Mar'Kai...the highest healing on earth, combine for the very best in Energy Sessions. Full channeling is included with each healing session.  These have profound long lasting and changing effects on your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well being.  Very, Very high vibrational techniques used.  The energies come through nicely with SKYPE.

Enjoy a 60 minute energy session modeled specifically for you using multiple Reiki Healing Systems & 13th Octave Lahochi High Frequency, and Mar'Kai...the highest healing on earth.  The combination is designed by your Spirit Guides and Angels, and is assisted by lovely beings who are master healer's. Energy sessions allow for deep shifts in your personal health into healing on all layers and levels. Personal channeling included. Phenomenal experience.

Talk about powerful and effective, these High Frequency Energy Sessions are done through the medium of water.  Experience the energy through SKYPE or Phone sessions with having a pitcher of water and a glass ready.  High energy will run into your hand, into the water, and when you drink the water, the high frequencies then begin to make powerful changes to the atomic structure of your body, in the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual pathways of the body and aura field.  One 30 minute session can provide massive shifts and clear pathways for healing.  Lots of fun to experience!

The process of water is utilyzed in this session.  We will use the power of highly charged water to clear and recharge the system of each chakra.  If you are doing this through the phone or by SKYPE, you will need to have a pitcher of water ready, the downloaded pictures (I will send you) of the chakras in front of you with a clear glass with no writing on it. Also, it is preferable to have a white candle and some soft music playing in the background.  We will one by one go through each chakra with this process.  If you are in office, all of these things are supplied for you.

Deeply seeded issues that sometimes won't respond to mainstream therapy or medical treatments will often have a profound healing from soul retrieval with a Munay-ki/Seichem/Mar'kai session.  Past life retrieval many times will completely eliminate the obsessive compulsive behavior, fear or anxiety with very little emotional processing.  This clearing can be so deep, breaching subconscious and super conscious levels on many levels and layers of your emotional body.  This can be done in office, or is just as effective through Skype. The process is simple, without traumatic processing.