Himalayan Crystal Salt Bath - Emulate the effects of a Himalayan crystal salt bath
Reconnective Healing Session - Emulate the effects of a Reconnective Healing session
Zero Balancing Session - Emulate the effects of a Zero Balancing session
Theta Healing Session - Emulate the effects a Theta Healing session
Acupuncture session - Emulate the effects of an Acupuncture session


Pain Control – Sedative – almost numbing this one
Chronic Pain – bath and/or ingestion and/or direct application - symptoms and causations
Pain – bath and/or ingestion and/or direct application - symptoms and causations
Increase Pain Tolerance – nothing can hurt you anymore – feel invincible
Pain – symptoms and causations
Pain Medications – inhibit damaging effects before or during use
Pain Medications – repair damaging effects


Akashic Records - ability to easily and instantly access the Akashic Records in terms that I understand.
Apportation - materialization, disappearance or teleportation of an object, person or yourself to any place           and/or any time period
Automatic Writing - let spirit flow through your writing
Bilocation - paranormal ability
Communication with animals - telepathic and otherwise
Dowsing Skills - let your intuition be your guide in searching for things or getting answers
Empathy – identification with and understanding of another's situation, feelings and motives
Energy & other Healing work – by helping others you heal yourself as well – drastically increases quality         and quantity of energy
Ergokinesis - bring forth in life the ability to safely attract and absorb and manipulate and make use of any         type and form of energy in the cosmos in any amount for any purpose desired.
Retrocognition - paranormal perception of past events
Telepathy - paranormal ability
Time Travel - opens the gates towards attaining this ability
Activation of Awareness - have awareness in every moment, opening into the flow of life with ease & grace
Astral Projection – explore the Universe in this unique state of mind
Balance Masculine and Feminine - bring complete balance to the masculine & feminine within the body in
     Connection with the divine masculine and feminine
Clairaudience – safely awaken the subtler senses - hearing
Claircognizance – safely awaken the subtler senses - knowing
Clairessence – safely awaken the subtler senses – smelling
Clairgustience – safely awaken the subtler senses - tasting
Clairsentience – safely awaken the subtler senses – feeling
Clairvoyance – safely awaken the subtler senses – seeing
Connection to Source - knowing that connection is there is open with crystal clear understanding of                  guidance received
Energy Master - gather unlimited energy and be able to use it masterfully for anything you want
Evolve DNA - to it's maximum potential
Friendly Universe - bring forth in life encounters and interactions only with entites that are friendly and            trustworthy and peaceful and honest and helpful and caring and patient and kind and gentle and       who      only have my best interest at heart.
Heart Activation - releases all negative emotions, then brings out the highest possible joy here
High Definition Lucid Dreaming – ability to direct extremely vivid dreams
Higher Level Help - calls towards etheric beings for any help you might need and increases your psychic             communication channels
Higher Self Activation – rapturous love, higher mind awakening, ultimate guidance system, gratitude,               compassion,
I AM Presence – Truer Self - Highest level activation and integration with embodied human self today done         with ease and grace.
Impervious to Evil and Attacks - repel lower vibrational attachments and attacks
Insight Nature Reality – discover your life purpose & see how things connect and why
Kundalini Activation – for a safe and gradual Awakening
No Self Realization – more than just Oneness – go deep down the rabbit hole!
Personal Merkaba activation - takes you where you want to be, into the life you are wanting
Remote Viewing – a finer form of astral projection
Spiritual Power – push entire being to highest vibration possible 
See Angels - be able to see Angels and other Light Spirit beings
Unconditional Love/Bliss 24/7 - boosts and builds the feeling of love energy


Abdominal Gas – gas and bloating
Acne – cell regeneration, chemical normalization, cleanse, open pores
ADD – intensity and duration of attention
ADHD – calm intensity and duration of attention
Allergies – symptoms and causations
Arthritis – symptoms and causations
Bipolar – nervous system balancing, polarity equalizing
Blood Pressure – blood volume pressures
Bronchial – bronchio spasm, cough, bronchial symptoms
Cancer [any kind] – restore health where it's needed – while suppressing any pain
Cholesterol – high or bad cholesterol
Chronic Fatigue – create energy, relieve stress
Circulation – vascular blood flow
Constipation – bowel processing redesign for optimal function
Cysts – accretion dissolution
Detox – system clutter, general detoxification, heavy metals, environmental, habit-produced
Diabetes – pancreatic function, blood sugar regulation
Diarrhea – bowel function normalization, symptoms and causations
Eczema – skin deficiency, allergy disorders
Fatigue – reverse tiredness, energize
Flu – symptoms and causations
Hearing – dynamics of ear function
Hemorrhoids – ballooned vessels/pockets/inflammations
Herpes – symptoms and causations – not in app
Hives – allergic skin reactions
Indigestion – enzymes and acids
Infection – bacterial symptoms and causations
Infection – viral symptoms and causations
Insomnia – sleep hormones require attention
Itching - get rid of itching and heal underlying cause
Obesity – heat up the body furnace and burn it off
Parasites – unaccommodating hosts tend to evict unwanted guests
Periodontal Disease – blood flow to gums, symptoms and causations
Pregnancy – adjust and balance hormonal responses, enjoy the natural state
Psoriasis – symptoms and causations, perception
Stomach ache – wide array of symptoms and causations, but balance is not difficult
Stress – reduce/reverse stress components and reactions
Sunburn – ameliorate pH, hydration, pain and skin damage
Swelling – (edema) - physiologic, chemical & circulatory balancing
Trauma – manage emotional and physical causations
Warts – it’s a viral hosting issue that calls for management
Yeast (too much) – acid/alkali balance
Youth, Energy and Vitality – feel on top of the world


Aura Clearing - sweep aura of negative debris and optimizes aura size for wellness
Cleanse and Re-integrate Soul Fragments - cleanses soul fragments of lower vibrational energies and re-                     integrates them into the original oversoul throughout all lifetimes
Chakra/Crown - open energize balance tune
Chakra/Heart - open energize balance tune
Chakra/Solar Plexis - open energize balance tune
Chakra/Root - open energize balance tune
Chakra/Sacral–open energize balance tune
Chakra/Third Eye - open energize balance tune
Chakra/Throat –open energize balance tune


Air Quality – repair damaging effects
Alcohol – (hangover relief) do the crime, but don’t do the time
Alcohol – inhibit damaging effects before or during use
Alcohol – repair damaging effects
Appetite – address loss of appetite
Appetite – curb or balance an overactive appetite
Appetite – improve your desire for quality foods
Caffeine Addiction - heal underlying imbalances causing or contributing to caffeine addiction
Caffeine Detox - eases caffeine detoxification and withdrawal symptoms
Chemical Trails - makes one impervious to the toxic effects of chemtrails
Cigarette Smoking – inhibit damaging effects at all times
Cigarette Smoking – quit completely or reduce frequency of use
Cigarette Smoking – repair damaging effects
Electromagnetic Frequencies – inhibit damaging effects
Electromagnetic Frequencies – repair damaging effects
GMO Toxicity - release negative effects of Genetically Modified food consumption in the body
Mold/Mildew Elimination - remove unwanted mold and/or mildew from the body or surfaces.
Nail biting - you will just not do it anymore
Sugar Addiction - heal underlying imbalances causing or contributing to sugar addiction
Sugar Detox - eases sugar withdrawal and detoxification
Total Flush - eliminate all harmful and toxic substances accumulated, ingested or inhaled or absorbed by            any part of my body quickly easily and safely.


Emotional Body Clearing - clears out all the unwanted stuff, bring in higher emotions
Energy Body Clearing - clears out all the gunk, brings all chakra's to maximum potential at any given time
Heart Activation - releases all the negative emotions, then brings out the highest possible joy here
Protective Auric Shield - remove imbalances preventing intact auric protection or creating holes in it
Spiritual Crisis and Psychosis Management – returns mental stability & builds a temporary wall in your            mind, so you can take a break from intense pain and fear
Deep Clearing – clears out the deepest of blockages
Psychiatric Medications (reduce and repair damaging effects) – reduce and repair damaging effects
Worrying and Control Freak Behaviour – instantly clear your head and move on
Joy - you do remember that feeling?
Laughter – whether laughing out loud or not, the laugh is still in there
Peace & Calmness – Fearless – become more of an observer
Playfulness - everything is being experienced more lightly and childlike
Relaxant – natural relaxation, no “downers” required
Great Mood – lift your spirits
Depression – bath and/or ingestion - global system balancing
Mental Clarity – let the light shine in, clear confusion, focus, use intent purposefully
Hopelessness Despair - when you feel like you just can’t go on
Emotional Pain – observe more, participate less, get over it
Emotional Dependence – yourself is fine and needs no other, build strength and faith in you
Mental Disorders – returns mental stability & restores health where it's needed
Depression – global system balancing
Mental Disorders – returns mental stability & restores health where it's needed 

Anti-Aging - cancel and reverse all biological events causing and comprising the bodily aging process                 holistically from the molecular level and cellular level to the organ level and organ system level at a rate         of twice the normal aging process with the forward movement of time, completing this process at the             point in time that my body has again the shape, form, size structure and function of a perfect 20 year old       human body.
Healing of the Complete Human Being - Clearing, Upgrading, Balancing.. embody your Higher Self!
Immortality - live the abundant life, happily, healthy, safely and for a VERY long time
Infinite Durability - constantly bring forth in life infinite amounts of physical durability, mental durability,           emotional durability, spiritual durability.
Alchemy 1 - emulate all the beneficial effects and endue all of the positive powers of the following legendary       substances; Elixir of Life, Elixir of Immortality, Philosopher's Stone, Ambrosia of the Gods, Elysium,               Nectar of Immortality, Amrit Ras, the Universal Medicine, the Golden Tonic, the Fountain of Youth, Taoist         Longevity Tonics.
Inner Beauty and Happiness and Emotional Freedom – feel confident, happy and free
Intelligence + Memory enhancement – you'll get smarter in almost every area you desire, while                    developing photographic memory
Less Need for Sleep – wake up earlier and feel more refreshed
Perfect Health – works on the physical body: removes bacteria and viruses from the body, organs & all               senses restored to maximum performance
Super Immunity - bring forth in life constant and complete immunity to all of the following: nuclear                   radiation damage, diseases, chemical toxins and poisons, everything that causes harmful genetic                   mutations, all forms of electromagnetic radiation, damaging energy frequencies, all types of damage c           caused by inertial force, either of the body itself or projectiles launched towards the body, psychic                 attacks, others attempts at revenge.
Youthening – Mental, Feel Younger, Physical de-aging, Faster Healing, increase Human Growth Hormone
Perfect Health & Youthening
Perfect Facial Skin – acne, scars, wrinkles, moles, black heads, other impurities & signs of aging
Inner Beauty & Happiness and Emotional Freedom – feel confident, happy and free
Fountain of Youth – bath and/or ingestion and/or direct application - state of mind, the youthful you is still       in there


Great Night Sleep – shut it all down, turn off the lights and drift into the dreamstream
Expanded Sleep State
Forcefield sleeping space
Sleeping through the night
Less Need for Sleep
Sleep apnea and snoring

(All Exerpts taken from Aquaware 5.0)

A Profound Session to  Experience the most advanced Energy technology on earth ~ Paired with Oracle Instruction, insights, energy and tools.

High Frequency

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