Topics are covered in a Psychic Oracle Reading:

     90 Minute Skype Reading:       $299

     90 Minute In Office Reading:   $325

     In Office Readings are done in a Certified Tachyon Chamber.  Amazing Experience!

Insightful, Inspiring and integrative. I received a straight line view into my true self with your incredible talent. Thank you.  Scott M. 

An Oracle is the highest level of Psychic Reader

there is.  ​Oracles are highly sufficient in:

  • Telepathic communication
  • Clairaudience:  Clear Hearing 
  • Clairsentience:  Clear Feeling
  • Clairvoyance:  Clear Seeing
  • Remote viewing:  Past present and future
  • Past lives:  Reader of Akashic Records 
  • Multidimensional navigator of 1-13 dimensions
  • Spirit guides communication
  • Mediumship:  Communication with loved ones who've passed on
  • Archangelic & Ascended Masters, Elementals, 
  • Channeling Multi-Dimensional Light Beings, Soul Family Members
  • High Healing capabilities and frequencies
  • Seeing into bodies (Medical Intuitive) 
  • Sees aura fields and heals them
  • Communication with all animals/plants
  • Carries the "White Flame" Twin Flame Ascension Energies
  • Seer of future events
  • Ultra Sensitivity and empathic abilities
  • Ability to read a person on conscious, subconscious and super conscious levels for healing and life direction.
  • Divinator:  Speaks and channels Divine Source Beings in awakened Trance Channeled State
  • Oracles blend with you and become one with you for a few moments. When this happens, you are awakened to the love and unity from where you came. This ignites your heart and breaks through walls of protection to a greater sense of Divine Love, Peace and of being understood.  It can be very profound.


I absolutely loved my experience today with Holly!!!! She's has a very relaxing, inviting, and professional room, where I felt comfortable from the start! She explained so much to me, about myself, allowing me to understand my obstacles and how to move forward. She is the real deal! I don't feel like she's my new psychic.. I feel like she's family.

Sean H. Scottsdale, AZ

Psychic readings are one of the most powerful tools you have at your fingertips to receive insight and direction as to how to live happier, reach your goals and achieve your life’s purpose here.


The insights being given to you are being tapped into from the ‘Universal Source of Truth,’ giving helpful, hopeful and important details specifically meant for you. 

Psychic Oracle Readings

    60 Min. Basic/Initial Skype Reading:      $199

    60 Min. Basic/Initial In Office Reading:  $225

    In Office Readings are done in a Certified Tachyon Chamber.  Amazing Experience!

What makes a reading with an Oracle so Unique?  

​​* Who am I? Why did I come to earth?  Where am I from?

* What is my purpose and mission here? 

* Past, Current & Future situations and possibilities (changeable and unchangeable)  

* Changing fractal cycles, new perspectives for creative life solutions
* Answering questions into your family, friends or other relationships
* Love in your life, is this relationship right for you?
* Relocating questions and confirmations
* Healing for past situations & clearing for ability to move forward
* Clarity on understanding life path
* Financial and career
* Past / Concurrent / Future Lives
* Your own questions
* Spiritual Counseling and/or Psychic Teaching

* Channeling from guides & angels

* Natural Healing Energy Infusions that pour forth from an Oracle