Kundalini Level 1, 2 & 3 Reiki Distance Attunement  $95.00

What is Kundalini Reiki ?

Kundalini is the opening of certain healing channels and chakras allowing access to the Earth's energy which is part of Universal Energy.

The Root Chakra is the bodies energy centre situated near the coccyx. The Kundalini energy gains access to the body at this point.

Kundalini energy is also known as 'the Kundalini Fire'. From the Root Chakra the energy flows up through the body via the main energy channel and out through the Crown Chakra.

The bodies energy channel runs from the Root Chakra to the Crown Chakra situated on the top of the head. By opening the Kundalini a complete cleansing of the body and chakras is acquired over a period of time.

Additional Attunements Included with Kundalini Level 3

1. Balance All - this is for balancing the mind, body and soul, or in other words balancing all of the energy systems in the body.

2. Diamond Reiki - during the attunement an etheric diamond is placed in the Crown chakra, in order that all the Reiki energy flowing through the chakra will take on the diamond’s properties.

3. Crystalline Reiki -it is believed that we have small crystalline deposits around our bodies, which are exit points for the traumas we’ve experienced during our life. A crystal forms each time we put off dealing with a trauma (such as a broken leg, sorrow or remorse). In other words, if someone breaks their leg, a crystal will form to hold the memory of the pain and feelings associated with their trauma. These crystals can be easily dissolved and healed, provided there are no unresolved issues behind the trauma.

4. DNA Reiki - this works to strengthen DNA molecules and heal negative inherited genetics, diseases and karmic issues etc. Noticeable results are usually seen after 3 weeks.

5. Birth Trauma Reiki - this deals with the issues created by the process of being born.

6. Location Reiki -in the same way that there are karmic bonds between people, there are also bonds between people, places and the Earth. Such bonds can weigh us down and sometimes can even influence our physical health. Location Reiki can be used to send healing to a specific location for cleansing, increasing positivity and protection.

7. Past Life Reiki - this is ideal for use on past lives to resolve karmic influences. It can either be used directly with known lives, or allowed to flow freely.

Fee for Email Course Kundalini 1, 2 & 3 Attunements $95

Kundalini Reiki Level 1, 2 and 3 Distance Attunements

Kundalini Reiki