Mar'Kai Ultimate 

Energy Session

The best of energy healing...

Mar'Kai 30 min. session in office or by SKYPE  $195

Mar'Kai 60 min. session in office or by SKYPE  $375

Mar'Kai is the Ultimate Energy Healing Session which brings forth:

  • Hundreds of Reiki Symbols & Systems, too many to mention. Reiki has been scientifically proven to emit energy that changes the nuero pathways, allowing them to open and release toxins that may be blocking the areas of concern. Reiki uses a high vibrational frequency which literally breaks apart negative blockages promoting healing. It then flows through the affected parts of the energy field, charging them with positive energy.  ​
  • Master Level 13th Octave LaHoChi, considered to be the highest healing on earth. LaHoChi is a VERY powerful hands on technique that brings in extremely high frequencies of light. These fields can create permanent shifts within your energy field which promotes the optimum in physical health and well being.  The possibilities are endless.  The release of past memories and emotions that bind along with issues that bring continued ill health are removed. A relaxed state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual rewrite allow HUGE shifts to take place. 
  • Star Nation Healers from your specific Star Nation or Soul Family know exactly how to assist your specific human body. They offer support, fields of love and exact doses of what you need etherically to benefit you in all areas of life.
  • The Ancient Atlantean Healing System calls in high frequencies of longevity and rejuvenation.  Working directly with this 5th dimensional crystal, your light body will be aligned and the highest form of clearing will take place on all levels.
  • The Ancient Lemurian and Telosian Healing Systems work with light and sound chambers and with crystal pools in varying light frequencies.  You will be connected to their main crystal system for 5th Dimensional Ascension Energies.
  • The frequencies of the 13 Original Sacred Crystal Skulls and Crystal RayEnergies bring forth communication from higher intelligence, higher self communication and integration with the higher self.
  • Archangelic Light Healing wavelengths and modalities will flood your body and aura field.  
  • Ascended Masters of Lightjoin in with their specific healing systems.
  • Ancient Essene Magdalene Healing Frequencies for heart healing and alignment 
  • 7-12th Dimensional Light Beings are brought in for the highest frequencies.
  • Luranis Ascendency Frequency of 999brings forth intense energy to cultivate gentle endings and powerful new beginnings.  All of your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies will be cleansed, blockages and the old information in the crystalline structures will be removed, your vibration will rise to the appropriate level for you, as you receive new knowledge. 
  • Light Loads and Upgradesas needed for your own remembrance and ascension coding are imbued.
  • Channeled messages from your team of light come through to record powerful messages about your particular mission and life theme (highly suggested to bring a recording device to savor this once in a lifetime message).

The Mar'Kai System is the most respected and protected systems from ancient times, although considered a "NEW ENERGY" here on earth now.  Only a select few know about the existence of this old healing system.  These were the high priestesses and priests capable of keeping their divine omnipotence as well as the divine energies of the planet Earth in balance.

Only a very elevated consciousness received the initiation into the Mar’Kai System Lord, and this system bears a high level of responsibility today.

There are only a handful of true Mar'Kai Lord Masters on earth right now, and even fewer who are offering this precious and profound system to assist lightworkers in their journey here on earth in this lifetime.  If you are feeling the calling for an extreme upgrade and boost to help you powerfully move forward, I would be honored and most humbled to share this incredible gift with you to assist you on your journey.