So - when you have connected up your DNA by allowing    transition to the Crystal State - you can access the

Template of Perfect Health and well-being that is the

Original Design for Human Beings on this Planet.


The Sacred Crystal Ray   $99.00


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The Sacred Crystal Ray

Attunement $99

Understanding the nature and function of your DNA from a Spiritual perspective will help you to understand how to work with healing energies in the most effective way.  What Humans term DNA is in fact a vast library or information centre that stores and contains the sacred geometrical template for each and every incarnation and lifetime.  The Physical Body contains the DNA records for the Physical vehicle - but each of your subtle or energy bodies contains a similar set of DNA records.

Most Old Earth Humans were "wired" up to the DNA records only of their Physical, Emotional and Mental Bodies. They were not connected to their Spiritual or Cosmic DNA.

Part of the shift to the Crystal State is the "re-connection" or "rewiring" of the being to include the Spiritual or Cosmic DNA.

This means that the Crystal Being has access to the full set of DNA records, also known as Akashic records, both for their own individual being and for the Planet, the Solar System and the Galaxy. At this stage, most of you will not have the capacity to access these, but you will develop it as you shift and change into your full potential.

The Sacred Crystal Ray


Your DNA and the Template of Perfect Health.  We have been through great changes in the last few years. These changes have affected our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The Healing and Balancing processes of the future will be different to those of the past. And this is understandable, since our new Crystal bodies function differently to the Old Earth biological forms.

The basic differences are that Crystal beings have fully activated and connected DNA access, and are able to work with the basic Sacred Geometry Templates of their own Energy or Wave Form Patterns, and shift them at will
The Old Earth Healing Approach

Your previous Healing techniques and modalities were often based on locating and processing trauma. This could be done in the form of finding and releasing "energy blocks" in the aura or in the physical body.          

Your DNA and the Template of Perfect Health

Sacred Crystal Ray Attunement