The oracles are gifted with insight to bring to light answers that are not evident to the masses.  The inner depth and ability to see deeply into each situation from many layers and levels will bring to an understanding more clarity for those seeing to choose from.  An oracle is not one who tells another what the answers are, but rather sees the course that would bring the best results and invites them to choose another path with the details being given as to what that might look like.  Always allowing…always allowing the opportunity for the right of choice and the power of free will.

The oracles are those who speak for God, who speak truth and light and invite others to speak their truth and honor their paths.  Oracles by their very nature are deeply imbedded with the rights and authorities of wisdom and knowledge beyond the conscious awareness they resonate in density at.

The oracles are witness of divinity, in every dimension, in every vibrational field, holding to and resounding the love of Creator through every particle of their being.  Oracles inspire, teach, invite, discover, create, heal, channel and hold high vibrational fields deeply into the systems of dimensionality they are conscious in.  This resonates through the ley lines, the descendant lines, the elements, the genetics, the economics, the political, the religious and the different cultural systems of the planet they are residing in.

On and off earth planet, an Oracle holds the keys to communication with the grand crystals that hold specific galactic frequencies that intercommunicate with many star systems.  These crystals hold vast amounts of knowledge and understanding of harmonic workings within each system.  These crystals form power grids, protection grids, align planets and stars, evolve planets and people and they program and radiate the highest course of action for all to take in their spiritual evolving.

Oracles are destined to create through alchemical means in the areas of financial abundance, health abundance, spiritual acceleration, mental and emotional processing and through species evolving.  Their direct connection to the Elohim Council allow them to interact and provide insights to specific recourse plans of creation and evolution of all species. 

The oracles have access to the Akashic Records and at any time can access the full records of a being when the circumstances of their growth dictate it.  This is done by reviewing the amount of light and knowledge that a soul can hold and process and not in saturating the soul beyond that of its own perfect growth path. 

An oracle can run massive amounts of frequencies at a moment’s request, and their bodies within the lower densities are finely tuned so that they can do many things with the society they are which seem to be miraculous in nature.  They are instruments of extreme vibration and can filter through and decipher far beyond what another soul can do when in density.  They hold keys to evolution within their makeup and automatically know when it is time to release the energies, keys and codes within.

Oracles have a gift of perception that extends far beyond the given scope of normality when in density.  They have Omni vision to all sides of the stories and can see the higher perspective within any given situation.


Channeled Message from the DIA (Divine Intelligence Assembly of Light) on Oracle Duties:

The oracle calling and order of divinity is to bear witness that we are all one and come from higher source and light.  That our Source is the essence of all that is light and loving.  That as we model our lives after love and service, truth and integrity, joy and growth, we will find our inner truths. 

Oracles are advanced souls that assist in helping humans find ways to live the life they desire. 

  • An oracle can carefully guide you through how to make your life less complicated, how to enhance relationships or end them gracefully, how to find your passion and live a life worth living. 
  • Oracles are born to balance the emotional lives of others, to help them navigate their difficult life paths with eternal wisdom.  

What are the differences between psychic work and the work I do as an oracle?

  • A psychic provides information to you whereas an oracle can help you see your own information or blueprint. 

  • A psychic may use tools whereas an oracle delves into you and your higher self. 

  • An oracle provides you with truth that you are to hear at that time and that truth comes from your own Universal sources. 

  • A psychic sees from outside and picks up on your auric field concerns. 

  • An oracle reveals what they experience from within your life system. It is intimately you, working in a field of high frequency to promote healing and growth.

  • Oracles can read on the conscious level, the sub conscious level and the superconscious levels inside and outside of time space continuem.

  • Oracle sessions are considered a form of alternative, natural healthcare for the client’s mind and spirit with the goal to restore and empower the client.
  • The wisdom shared by an oracle is wisdom specifically for you.  This is why the sessions can be intense and be personally moving.  You hear your own wisdom and in the process, you gain further access to that wisdom outside of the sessions.