Part 4

Join us for a powerful event as 11 of Arizona'a Light Workers team up together to create a powerful channel of light for the purpose of love, healing, and transformation! Together with our energies unified as one, we will create a vortex of light to facilitate great change within and open up to beautiful energies from the other dimensions. We will also have some crystal bowls and gong in the meditation. 

We chose 11 practitioners because the number 11 signitas it signifies light, mastery, and spiritual import. There will be 11 amazing light workers assisting in guiding this community meditation:

Amber Mikesell
Austin Uhl
Courtney Hoppe
Dawn Baumgartner 
Hari Jap 
Helena Prana 
Holly Matthews 
Jamie Clark
Jeanette Saint Germain 
Katie Kyleen S
Rod Lyman

We invite you all to come! By joining hands together as one we can make a difference, create great shifts, and send out a powerful rippling effect!
Fee: $20 per person

Modern Day Mystic Radio Show

Hosts:  Peter Schenk and Donna Whittington

Sunday, February 28th at 6:30 Mtn. Standard 

Guest:  Holly Powers Matthews

Center for Divine Awakening

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